Review: Figma Akiyama Mio

So, while i wait for Rider to arrive. We can continue with our normal… less hectic reviews… As today, Akiyama Mio Figma has arrived from Mandarake. In spirit of continuing the regular reviews, this time it’s Ayase’s turn to review her. So let’s the ball rolling.

Review Figma Akiyama Mio

Review Figma Akiyama Mio

Review Figma Akiyama Mio

I haven’t had any of he K-On figmas except Mio for now, so i haven’t really seen the others’ design. But for Mio, so far I’m liking it. It’s simple, clean, shows everything on the front window with accessories and pose samples on the back. Although i kinda loathe my national courier services for ruining the box… it was half dented but nothing inside was damaged…

Review Figma Akiyama Mio

Now here’s the tricky part, the stuff she comes with:

  • 2 Extra faceplates
  • 1 Pair of extra shoes
  • 1 American Deluxe® Fender® Jazz look-a-like Bass
  • 1 Bass bag
  • 5 Pairs of extra hands
  • 2 Straps for the bass and bag

Wait? 2 straps? where is it? I can’t find it~!

Oh, good news, it was neatly hidden between the background cardboard and the box itself. So take extra precaution in making sure that you don’t lose it while opening the box for the first time.

Review Figma Akiyama Mio

And here’s a quick look on Mio. Do note that she is not short, or stumpy, or anything else for that matter. It’s just that her uniform made it look like so. Does it restricts her? Does her hair makes it hard to pose around.


The way her clothes and hair are sculpted, it still gives her a lot of clearance room for a uniformed figure. This is a nice touch, since sometimes uniformed figures have a tendency to make your posing live a living hell… Add to that, the details and the choice of soft pvc for most of her outfit is also a nice one. Making her lighter, more posable and easier to balance -given with the large footing of her shoes- without a stand.

Review Figma Akiyama Mio

Ah yes, the Fender® Jazz Bass … and yeah fuck you SOPA/PIPA if I’m going to get shut down just for mentioning one of your supporters without paying royalty.


The jazz bass looks awesome and detailed too, of course it’s missing its strings… then again if they do sculpt the strings it would be one hell of a replica…

Review Figma Akiyama Mio

And the bass bag, it’s huge but it does the job of holding the bass. There is this huge unsealable gap on the side, but that’s where the bass goes in and frankly it doesn’t stand out too much, given the right angle. And the detailing on the leathers is awesome too as that bag does LOOK the part, although it doesn’t feel like leather but at least it looks like it~

Review Figma Akiyama Mio

The last extras I’m going to cover are these… The extra pair of shoes. As you all know Japanese schools always provide a uniformed shoes to change into once they get into school, and Mio comes with a pair. I find these to be quite the extra goodies but not so much as to jump for joy at the sight of it…

Review Figma Akiyama Mio

And that concludes our current regular review of Mio. Although she looks sad, I will try to work harder so i can get the other K-On members.

Well the reason i can’t get her pals sooner is… err… i got $175 worth of preorder invoice this month alone and $210+ on February… So I’ll probably hunt for her pals by march where there is only 1 invoice of preordered item…


13 Replies to “Review: Figma Akiyama Mio”

  1. This means… *goes into Terran Command from FreeSpace2*
    Incoming boxes signature, K-On configuration. *back to normal mode*

    When you have one of the K-On figures, you JUST have to get all of them. XD

    p.s. FreeSpace francaise is now public, so I can use it. =)

    *launches 10 Eos torpedoes to the SOPA/PIPA*


    1. I know, it’s so… blaaaah… i knew that when i held her for the first time, that i JUST had to get her pals asap… lol

      And yeah SOPA/PIPA is a piece of crap… You and me can get extradited all the way from nowhere to the US, JUST FOR MENTIONING a brand without proper crediting and copyright terms…



  2. Man I really don’t like the straps that go on the bag and the guitars. It’s fine when you are doing one but I did all 3 for Yui, Mio and Azusa and ended up breaking the pegs off Yui’s guitar bag…aahhh. =(

    Wow but 3500Yen from Mandarake seems rather steep IMO.


  3. I know this is kinda late, but man you’re my savior!! I was so worried where the bass straps are and I was like thinking “the hell, is my mio a bootleg? T_T”. So I googled for reviews and thankfully I arrived at your page and your review saved me, seriously.. Great review, dude. =3


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