Prereleases: Figma Irisviel Von Einsbern

Oh god… I thought she’s going to be released on WonFes but it turns out she’s not~!!! Figma Irisviel Von Einsbern is not a wonfes troll by max factory.

She’s open for preorders by Thursday January, 19th! January, 26th for Y3000.

Man, i don’t know about you guys but moe milfs are definitely my kind of groovy. O(≧∇≦)O


4 Replies to “Prereleases: Figma Irisviel Von Einsbern”

  1. hmmm…i’m not too sold on Irisviel as I personally feel that her Figma conversion lose some of the delicacy the original character had..if there is a Figma Lancer or Rider (Iskandar) well that will be something insane. =D


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