Review: Figma Limited Kagami Sumika

Hey hey hey~! So this review we’re going to look into that mysterious figure that people have been wondering about. Yes, it’s none other Figma Limited, Kagami Sumika~! And to make it extra special, hopefully Dead-chan can get along with her, she’s going to review her with me. So let’s take a look shall we.

Review: Figma Limited Kagami Sumika

Review: Figma Limited Kagami Sumika

Review: Figma Limited Kagami Sumika

She seems less enthusiastic, but, oh well. Anyway returning to Sumika, her box is quite big with no windows. Technically due to the contents, since it needs to house a figure and 2 xbox 360 games. The front clearly displays Sumika’s art along with the muvluv and x360 logo, i do love the design and color scheme. While the back shows some information on the games and the figure itself. Let’s move on to the inner package, since i’m not going to cover the games. I entrust the reviews for the games to other sites as i don’t fancy carrying too much on my hands.

Review: Figma Limited Kagami Sumika

And here’s the inner package… yes… that’s all… white… It really is just THAT, no windows, surprises or arts anywhere on it since everything that needs to be displayed is already shown on the boxarts.

Review: Figma Limited Kagami Sumika

This took me by surprise… no really… it does… for something as pricey and extravagant as the limited pack they’re offering, they could’ve provided more. But i’m not one to be jumping to conclusions let’s see if she proves to be more than meets the eye…

So in spirit of fairness let’s run it down:

  • 2 Alternate Faceplatess
  • 9 extra hands (yes 9, you read it right)
  • 1 Extra front hairpiece with a “love” shaped ahoge
  • 1 small doll
  • 1 Figma Stand set
  • 1 Plastic Parts bag

Review: Figma Limited Kagami Sumika

Ok so i WAS quick to judge by accessory alone. Let me tell you this Sumika wears a plugsuit, and in the figure world that means she practically wears “nothing”. So the range, clearance and freedom of posability on her is larger and wider than normal figures with an outfit. This surprises me though as accessories does matter but only #3 on my list, the first is Detail and the second is posability.

Review: Figma Limited Kagami Sumika

The detail on her is simply… gorgeous, those linings, those curves, the sculpt really shows her character out. Yes, that includes showing how well endowed she is and that she has a nice ass. Anyway, the surprise came on her ponytail, you’d think that big ribbon would limit her posability? Wrong, that ribbon has a swivel joint, allowing it to be twisted and turned depending on what angle you need for pose clearance. Nice one, really, it’s a nice little something.

So let’s move on.

Review: Figma Limited Kagami Sumika

Moving to her small doll it’s- … Ok Dead-chan it doesn’t take a genious to know that move was intentional…

Anyway her doll is small and fits right into the extra hand that was shown on the front, beside that it’s quite detailed sculpt wise an added the cute” love love” ahoge extra front parts is also a cute and adorable addition to-

… uh… Sumika?

Review: Figma Limited Kagami Sumika

Review: Figma Limited Kagami Sumika

Review: Figma Limited Kagami Sumika

Ok, sorry folks. That concludes the review for now, i’ll be sure to provide more shots of her but first i need to break these two up…


9 Replies to “Review: Figma Limited Kagami Sumika”

  1. Oh dearie… looks like the harasser got harassed. XD

    And yes, a plug-suit figure has more range than any normal figure, but don’t forget bunnysuited Haruhi, tho. 😉


    1. I had the feeling those two won’t get along so easily… Add to that Rider is arriving tommorow … so…

      I need to figure out a way to get these two along just fine before Rider makes this a huge king (or queen) of the hill fight…


  2. I don’t know much about muvluv but she’s such a sexy Figma. The breasts, the belly button, the ass, the hips, all marvelously sculpted. For a special edition Figma her accessories are pretty barren…

    Why does Dead Master have such a bad attitude towards her? Is she just naturally bitchy? haha.


    1. Well, she’s i guess she’s … worried i suppose… Dead-chan has been my pride of my collection being the first figma i ever gotten.

      I suppose she’s worried that with the amount of attention i’m giving to acquire Sumika, she might get replaced… then again it’s not just Sumika, but also Rider who’s arriving tommorow…

      I really hope those 3 can get along…


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