Review: Figma Aragaki Ayase

Greetings and good day, as we continue on with more reviews an- OK i know i’ve been short on comics lately but i promise once all those unreviewed figures are reviewed we’ll get back to the usual schedule, PROMISE! Anyway let’s move on with a review of Figma Aragaki Ayase from Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai.

Review Figma Aragaki Ayase

Review Figma Aragaki Ayase

Review Figma Aragaki Ayase

As you can see the box design uses the simple yet nice scheme of the whole oreimo figma series, with the front window showing everything that comes with her. I really mean that, that’s ALL you’ll get… But let’s not jump to conclusions just yet and see what she has.

Review Figma Aragaki Ayase

She comes with:

  • 2 Extra Faceplates
  • 5 Extra hands + 1 hand holding a cellphone
  • 1 School bag
  • 1 Handcuffs
  • 1 Figma stand set
  • 1 Plastic parts bag

Review Figma Aragaki Ayase

Looking at a glance she looked plain… yep… school uniforms, shoes, et cetera et cetera. What’s beyond that is quite mind boggling, she -like Kirino- has a wide range of clearance, including her waist. Yep you heard me right, because of the skirt being soft PVC and short it gives her quite the wide clearance for poses. Add to that, it made her able to do poses that really emphasize those hidden womanly curves. Add to the simple yet crisp and clearly detailed outfit linings down to her little accessory that’s painted on her necktie, it makes what seemingly… a bland figure into a really fun one to pose and play with.

Review Figma Aragaki Ayase

The first accessory we should get into is the bag. Your common, everyday, girlish school bag… I … don’t really know what to add…

… No, i’m not being lazy as the pics speaks for itself of the detail, shape and that little charm dangling on the side… Other than that honest, i don’t know what to add…

Review Figma Aragaki Ayase

Ah yes, the cellphone. Neatly lodged into her extra hand, although some extremist pry it off for whatever reason they might come up with, i strongly suggest and encourage people NOT to… It serves a purpose of being a gimmick, a fun thing to be exploitable in shots and poses. But the really fun gimmick is…

Review Figma Aragaki Ayase

… THIS. Simply the single most fun thing to play and take shots with. YES, people of all preferences and inquires that is definitely a handcuff. The chain links are somewhat flexible to an extent, but this, coupled with her adorable yet… creepy yandere stare can make for some amazing shots… Like the one she kindly demonstrated for us up there. And whaddaya know… the size of it fits most other figma’s wrist too … do the math…

And no, I’m not sneering or smirking or smiling like the internet murderer when i typed that paragraph…

Review Figma Aragaki Ayase

So is she worth it? To me, she IS. For her really nice clearance and her handcuff accessory, or simply because i love Yanderes… When they’re not trying to lock you up or carrying a sharp object and/or a high caliber firearm that is…

And that concludes our re-


Oh that’s right, next review will be a review of that mystery figure Mayoi was curious about, and guess what? I’m having Dead-chan review her. Yes i know sparks will fly and i do feel an impending shitstorm by pairing Dead-chan to review this mystery figure, but i think i can handle them… Maybe…


15 Replies to “Review: Figma Aragaki Ayase”

  1. She seems to come with little accessories. But the awesomeness of the yandere face and handcuff make up for it!

    It’s always a welcome when figures are really posable. I have a Kuroneko Figma but her range is limited with her big pompous dress. So even if Ayase is a little plain you can make up for it with great poses, like you do haha.


  2. Man, I was gonna pass on Ayase until I saw those alternate faces she comes with. The yandere one plus the cuffs are pure win and so is the other ‘get away from me you creep” face of hers. Yes, so many possibilities.


  3. I love you blog. The comics with your figure’s interactions are great. But I have a question…this will sound retarded, but have you ever thought of making a comic series with a Survivor-like theme? Kind of like they compete in challenges and they vote each other off? I dunno, just thought it would be a cool idea. 😛


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