Review: Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu

So, today marks the last of my collected K-ON nendoroids. I’m still planning to get Yui and Mugi but still limited on this month’s budget since i’ve spent hell in December. So here we go… A review of Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu~!

Review Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu

Ahahaha… ( ̄□ ̄;) I guess she’s not used to being in the spotlight…

Review Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu

Review Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu

As you can see, the box has the same design as the other K-ON girls but with different color schemes. The window on the front clearly shows her accessories like her drum set and others…

With her you get:

  • 1 Pair of Drumsticks
  • 1 Drum set
  • 1 Extra lower body part
  • 2 Extra faceplates with 1 extra front hairpiece
  • 1 Headbumps
  • 1 Piece of “paper”
  • 4 extra arms
  • 1 Support-type stand set

Review Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu

Ritsu is lively as usual, and Saw-chan is… i don’t know she looks hungry, maybe that explains her rather laid back attitude on the review… ( ̄□ ̄;)

Review Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu

This view shows her front and back side. I’m pretty happy with the details on it, from her face to her uniform to her shoes. The hair on the backside is also detailed in its spikiness short “hair strands”

Review Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu

Yep, harder, definitely. I can spot the drum set but not the cymbal set. The drum set itself is a replica of Rick Marotta’s Signature Yamaha Hipgig, while the cymbal set are Alvedis Zildjian. I have to say i love the crisp coloring and detail of the drumset, and also the sculpt of it. Trust me a drum set isn’t as easy as it looks to sculpt.

The colors on the drumset, the cymbal set. I love it, it’s maaaaaaahvelous…

Review Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu

Ah yes, the funniest piece of accessory i’ve ever had next to DM’s head bumps. Unlike DM, Ritsu’s head bumps is detachable with a magnet. And the faceplate that goes with it is also funny. It looks like it hurts though O 3O);;

But detail wise, the color shading and the detail of the sculpt along with her extra hairpiece does work great on comical shots ^ 3^)b

Review Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu

And that concludes my review of Tainaka Ritsu, my verdict would be… It’s all up to your preferences in collecting now. If you like K-ON, musical instruments and Ritsu herself. Get her. If not you should still consider here for her accessories which are really exploitable for shots, comics or other issues. And this would be the last K-ON girls for me, for now… Yui and Mugi probably will come next month when i’m do-Huh?

Pancakes? Sure i have some left… i think…

Review Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu


10 Replies to “Review: Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu”

    1. All that is left for the nendos are Mugi and Yui. For a playset i already went with Wagnaria A and B since i love cooking (*´∀`*)

      Hopefully i can complete the nendos on a month with few preorder invoices


  1. I love hair down Ritsu. Looks like a completely different girl. Almost fell fer her when I saw her in the anime like that haha.

    More magnets! This should become more widespread, such a nice idea.


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