Review: Nendoroid Black Gold Saw

So, today we will do another review of a nendoroid. To catch up with all those delayed figures i haven’t reviewed… poor girls. SO, as last time we review Azunyan, today i have azunyan helping me to do a review of Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu.

Review Nendoroid Black Gold Saw

Review Nendoroid Black Gold Saw

Review Nendoroid Black Gold Saw

Here we can see that the box uses the same scheme of the BlackRock Shooter series, checkered gradients. From the front we can see the usual window displaying saw-chan herself and her accessories. Design wise, there’s not much to say from my point of view. It does the job of keeping her safe and showing sample poses at the back like any other nendoroid boxes.

Review Nendoroid Black Gold Saw

With her, you get:

  • 1 Extra lower bodypart
  • 2 Extra faceplates and an extra front hair piece
  • 1 King Saw
  • 6 extra arms
  • 1 Base stand set with 1 extra rock.

Review Nendoroid Black Gold Saw

Hi Saw-chan. (#^.^#)

First thing to note here is that Saw-chan doesn’t use the standard support or pegged stand, but instead uses a magnet which is stuck behind her head. Inside the back of her head is a hidden steel plate that instantly snaps into place with the magnet on the stand. Design wise, even though her hair is long but since it spreads as it goes lower, made it easier to pose her around for quite an amount of clearance. Although at times it can be restricted to some extent, but she is better in clearance than Mio did.

Review Nendoroid Black Gold Saw

Moving on to her first accessory is the King saw, her sword. With the amount of extra arms and the ability to switch hands, it gave her a lot of  pose options and playability. The king saw itself is finely detailed, and i really mean FINE. As in, it looks beaten and worn but crisp in coloring and detail. Right down to the skull at the tip of the sword handle. Much like dead-chan’s scythe.

Review Nendoroid Black Gold Saw

This is by far, her most adorable getup. The face is designed by ChanXCo, and with the arms given it can made into somewhat like this pose here where she is…. eh? Hungry?

Anyway with her extra lower body she can sit on the rock by herself, but if you want some extra security you can also use the stand to support her. The base stand itself has a peg hole in which the rock can be placed, allowing her to sit on it. Also there is a gash right down the middle, perfect for inserting her sword to make it look like the sword is stuck there.

I love these kind of extras, they gave room for creativity in a shot.

Review Nendoroid Black Gold Saw

And that concludes our review of Nendoroid Black Gold Saw.

Truth be told she is surprisingly posable and fun, not to mention that face is cute as hell. So if you’re into the BRS line i suggest getting her into your collection as she is worth it for that expression and posability options.

And sorry folks, due to the amount of reviews due i have to cancel this week’s weekly tale of horrors. Add to that it’s Friday the 13th, i don’t wanna jinx things.

(((( ;°Д°))))


10 Replies to “Review: Nendoroid Black Gold Saw”

  1. Oho. I bet you’re aiming for nendo Strength, too, eh? :3

    Wait, she’s already hungry? Is she a distant relative of Saber? O_o

    Love the last pic where Azusa goes “Nyan!”. =)


    1. Sadly… i still haven’t gotten strength and rock-chan yet (。┰ω┰。)

      Planning to get her soon though, but not this month. My preorder invoices just came in, time to cough up the dough (゜◇゜)


  2. Oh that magnet is a really nice idea. Much better than having a random hole haha. For accessories she has… black rocks.. and a gold saw… I guess I should have expected as much haha! She’s much nicer than expected, the bandage face in particular is quite cute. I personally would like the figma version though.


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