Review: Revoltech Alleyne

Welcome to another of our reviews… wait, OURS? Yep you heard it right, from now on i will be reviewing figures with the help of the previously reviewed girls as the host. I decided to take this approach so that no one will feel left out or have to fend for themselves. Aren’t i nice? Aren’t i? SO without further delay, here we go. A review of Revoltech Queen’s Blade Alleyne.

Revoltech Alleyne Review

Revoltech Alleyne Review

Revoltech Alleyne Review

You can see here, that Alleyne is a standard issued Revoltech Queen’s Blade. Her box has the usual “Q” window on the front, showing most if not all of herself and her accessories. Of course fanservice is, as always, present on the box art behind it. Showing sample poses and accessories.

Revoltech Alleyne Review

She comes with:

  • 1 Revoltech QB stand set
  • 3 extra hands
  • 1 set of battle damaged outfit
  • 1 staff
  • 1 alternate faceplate
  • 1 revobox

Well, quite the standard set of accessories for a Revo QB though. But here’s wishing for more (o wo)/

Review Revoltech Alleyne

Review Revoltech Alleyne

As you can see, she looks quite bulky and sad to say, she really is. With her poncho on it’s really hard to move her around, to the point of near frustration of how to pose her beside what’s on the sample images… Or maybe it’s just me with my lack of ideas at the moment. Her poncho itself are mostly jointed in a few points that it gives her quite the balancing possibilities without the stand, but only to some extent. Add to that, the shape of her greaves made it her foot have little clearance.

Review Revoltech Alleyne

From the back you can see that her beret and her hair are both jointed too. I like the hair joints as it makes for good posability, but as we all know Kaiyodo can’t or simply has no knack for hiding such joints, so yes it may be an eyesore for some.

Review Revoltech Alleyne

Review Revoltech Alleyne

I have to agree with Mio here. She does looks prettier without the poncho, but that’s not all, with the poncho off she opens herself into a wider range of posability like the one i asked her to do here. She looks way slimmer, curvier and *ehem* to me more charming and sexier without dressing like a h*e with  a deadline.

Review Revoltech Alleyne

There are 3 points of eyesores here once she took her poncho off… the pegholes for her poncho (2 of them on her back) which i hid with her hair, and the peghole for her beret. But i guess as a tradeoff for her (way) increased posability it’s somewhat acceptable.

Review Revoltech Alleyne

And here she is with her… cherries…

Ok i have to admit this is probably the only accessory i love from her. The way she holds it, coupled with some good imagination for posing can make for a really enticing and alluring pose/shot of her.

Review Revoltech Alleyne

Ah yes, her staff. Boy was i glad that the hand was a fit to hold it, it doesn’t move around a lot and the actual weight of it makes it easy for her to hold it even with one hand. But the main point is she has a good grip on the shaft.

… what?


Review Revoltech Alleyne

err… right… her battle damaged outfit is really revealing… No, it’s not because i made it to look that way but because it’s not a perfect fit unlike the one on the boxart… it tends to spreads itself wide open and… well… she’s healthy…

Review Revoltech Alleyne

Stick around for more of my reviews, as next time i will have Alleyne as the host.

Well, like what Mio said.

Basically she’s a tough call. You love QB and Alleyne and collect all of them? Get her. Otherwise it’s totally up to you, because personally to me i like her after the poncho came off… She has a nice ass just like Annelotte though…


5 Replies to “Review: Revoltech Alleyne”

  1. That’s… a seriously visible hole on her head… O_O

    Personally, I don’t mind see the exposed joints as its a trade-off between posability and aesthetics (yes, I’m very pleased with both Fraulein Haruhi and Yoko).

    Wow… her poncho IS heck bulky. Looks like the stand is a must for poses with that.


    1. I know, right? Once it comes off she is VERY posable and balanced but yeah the hole on her rad is dead set visible. Unlike the ones on her back which can be hidden by her hair.

      The poncho, as it is in the anime too, serves its purpose of hiding her amazing figure XD


  2. Ah, that hole on her head is a bit much.

    These Queen’s Blade Revoltech girls are very enticing. Especially with their “battle damage” haha. She has a nice ass you say? Even more interesting!

    I’ve been wanting an Annelotte for a while but I’ve only seen her priced highly. And I suspect that I’ll be wanting one even more once I see the OVAs.

    You’re pretty good at bringing out the sexy of her with the poses haha.


    1. I agree, i usually keep her poncho off but her beret on. > _<)

      Annelotte is a limited editing QB series from Revoltech sadly, so yes the price would skyrocket to kingdom come when she becomes more and more rare.

      And 'bout those poses, i had experiences from the usual people that went in and out of my diner. Sometimes they took funny pictures of themselves and such, sometimes i would examine how they walk, sit, stand idly, talking, joking, flirting. So yeah it works
      ^ w^)/


  3. Nice review!
    I’m actually not really a fan of Queen’s Blade since it’s a bit too much ecchi for my taste (though I have to admit I haven’t seen the anime/read the manga, I got my knowledge of the franchise from various wikis and such), but I really love Alleyne’s entire design, so I eventually ended up buying her Revoltech at a convention.
    I gotta admit I also like her cape (or poncho or whatever the right term is), but I’m not too fond of her castoff features (I actually passed on her the first time I saw her at a con because of that) and would have prefer other extras, like more faces or alternative hands (but I got to admit I’m not sure which facial expressions would fit her character, as far as I know Alleyne doesn’t smile that often). But it’s not much of an issue since it’s optional after all.

    What bothers me far more are a few stiff joints on mine Alleyne (like the right shoulder) and the neccessity of the stand (she’s very instabile). Oh, and when I put her back in the box after unpacking her the first time, a few bits of the paint job on the boots and the hair came off, but it’s luckily not really noticeable (especially on the hair – I only noticed it because I saw a smirk of the hair colour on the plastic sheet).

    She’s still a nice figure and looks pretty cool.


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