Review: Figma Kanbaru Suruga

Well, today we’re going to take a look at the next released item in the Bakemonogatari line from Figma. Kanbaru Suruga, the sporty yuri girl with a demon hand. As always i’ll just do the outline and let her explain things for herself, as it appears that most of my pals here prefer to do it themselves lately. So let us begin the review.

Figma Suruga Kanbaru Box

Figma Suruga Kanbaru Box

The box itself is rather simple and uses a “cool” color scheme that doesn’t poke your eyes out, as with each Bakemonogatari character they all have different kinds of box scheme but every one of them always have the character on the right side of the box. But boxes aside let’s look inside.

Figma Suruga Kanbaru Inside the Box

Inside the box you’ll get:

  • Suruga Kanbaru herself
  • 3 Alternate Faceplate
  • 1 Extra left arm
  • 1 Extra hand for the extra left arm
  • 5 Pairs of extra normal hands
  • 1 Raincoat
  • 1 Basketball
  • 1 Set of Figma stand
  • 1 Parts plastic

So let’s begin… by waking up sleeping beauty there…

Yamadipati: Hey… wake up…

Figma Suruga Kanbaru Review

Suruga: Slow down will you… It’s not like you’re helping me out of here in the first place…
Yamadipati: Eh… you’ll be pissed if i touched you allover to get you out of there anyway… 
Suruga: Oh shut it… give me a second…
Yamadipati: Oooooohkay…

Figma Suruga Kanbaru Review

Yamadipati: Alright then, the review is yours… go ahead…
Suruga: Well, despite the total mess of a place he chose as a place for my review, i’ll move along anyway…
Seeing me at a glance you all will notice that my design is true to image, from the uniform to the basketball shoes. The shoes helps alot in balancing me to a steady stand without the use of the given stand set. Add to that, Most of my uniform are made of soft pvc, enabling me an almost free posability. Though i do notice that at some point the colors on my uniform are easily nicked… maybe something went wrong in the production process or something. But the red lining are prone to nicks and rub-offs so be careful with those parts.
Figma Suruga Kanbaru Review
Suruga: But aside from those faulty production errors, everything else is perfect. Due to the shoes i’m wearing i stand easily and have more grounding for balance, making me quite easy to pose without stand with various feet positions. The detail on the uniform is also crisp, Max Factory did a great job.

Figma Suruga Kanbaru Review

Suruga: Moving on to the first accessory, the basketball. I’ve been given special pegged hands to hold the ball in place firmly so it doesn’t fell off easily, but take great care as you can snap the peg if you’re clumsy or simply just not careful. But dangers aside it works well. As you can see the ball can also act as a balancing point for me to do poses like this, which sometimes are hard to do with other figures.
The detail on the ball itself is crisp and clean, and unlike my uniform it doesn’t nick or stain easily… thank goodness…

Figma Suruga Kanbaru ReviewFigma Suruga Kanbaru Review

Suruga: A~~~~nd she scores~!
Yamadipati: Whoohoo~! *claps*

Figma Suruga Kanbaru Review

Suruga: Moving on to the next accessory is the demon hand… some people call it the Monkey’s Paw, but i beg to differ, it’s a demon hand as explained i-
Yamadipati: No more spoilers…
Suruga: *sigh* well alright… Anyway the demon hand itself is easily changed from my normal hand. Given that you do it carefully beacuse sometimes it might get tricky. As you also need to put my uniform in place or it will look weird…
The hand itself is adequate, more detail can be put into it but it’s enough. At least for Yama-san… He seems to think it’s just… “ok”

Figma Suruga Kanbaru Review

Suruga: The last accessory would be the raincoat. Mixed with the demon hand and the alternate faceplate, as Yama-san would say it “That looked creepy”
It is however with a fault… apparently the amazing folks at Max Factory decided to make the coat a single piece… No velcros, no buttons, no zippers… so to put it on is quite the work as most of my limbs have to be removed first and it’s not convenient… AT ALL…
This to me, and to Yama-San also, is a major let down… They should’ve thought better…
I guess this concludes the review. It’s all yours again, Yama-san

Well, i suppose to sum this up. Suruga is a nice addition to the bakemonogatari line but there are minus points here and there such as the paintjob on her uniform and the raincoat. So this time like before i leave the verdict to all of you.

But to me personally, welcoming her aboard my home is quite nice. As with her flaws she does came with great plus points.


2 Replies to “Review: Figma Kanbaru Suruga”

  1. Nice! I really like the parts where they included the raincoat gorilla parts xD
    I’m thinking of getting all of the figmas from Bakemonogatari when I sell my PVC Senjougahara Hitagi figure.


    1. Yeah ^ -^)/

      I’ll be putting up new reviews hopefully tomorrow and they’re chain reviews, which means whoever got reviewed will review somebody else the next time ^ 3^)/


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