Review: Figma Kuroneko (Gokou Ruri)

{EAV_BLOG_VER:cff6d83b15a65185} Well, today we’ll look into the Oreimo line of figmas, Kuroneko. I have a feeling she’ll handle herself well and i should just stop before i get hijacked off my own reviews like Mayoi did… So here we go, a review of Figma Kuroneko.

Figma Kuroneko Box

Today it’s rather different since i got my Kuroneko off a toys fair held on the 9th recently, luckily the guy was a smooth operator in giving me the virgin box. So let’s take a look shall we?

Figma Kuroneko BoxFigma Kuroneko BoxFrom the box we can see that they choose the standard size for figmas, but let me assure you she came packed with accessories. Let’s take a look inside.

Figma Kuroneko Inside The BoxWith her you get:

  • 1 Kuroneko, or Ruri in person
  • 1 Lower part in a sitting pose
  • 1 Extra bangs with nekomimi >_>;; neko… mimi… can’t go wrong with that…
  • 1 Chair
  • 2 Extra faceplates
  • 2 Blank books / dvds
  • 1 Handbag
  • 1 Set of stickers to use on the blanks or you can make your own
  • 4 Extra pair of hands, with one pair holding a cup and its base
  • 1 Set of Figma stand
  • 1 Figma parts plastic… and i still wonder why they include this since I’m sure most people don’t use it anyway and just adds extra production costs…

So anyway, seems like she’s awake and before i get hijacked again i’ll just back off and let her do it herself to save face.

Figma KuronekoKuroneko:

Yamadipati: Yes? Are you awake now?

Kuroneko: I do not appreciate the fact that you woke me up so … abruptly…

Yamadipati: … uhh, okay. But are you willing to do a review of yourself?

Figma KuronekoKuroneko: Very well then, though i do appreciate a good angle shot of myself and no less.

Yamadipati: … sure.

Kuroneko: I’ll excuse your rather impolite speech for now…

Yamadipati: which part of my speech is impo-

Figma KuronekoKuroneko: As you all can see, i’m very detailed. Which captures my grace perfectly, i say it is not a bad achievement for mortals to be able to capture my image and recreate them. My dress, from the ruffled top to the bottom are very nicely done, although i do have to say, the choice of using hard pvc for the bottom part of my dress isn’t to my liking as it hinders a lot of my movement. Such is the limitations of mere mortals i suppose, but i applaud them for the effort.

Figma KuronekoKuroneko: From the back you can see, that they also did a job well done on the dress, down to the bow on my back. Although again, i regret the choice of material selection as yet again they used hard pvc as my hair. It hinders my movement quite a lot and more annoying than the dress which still allows quite a wide range of leg movement.

Figma KuronekoKuroneko: But i suppose it is a trade off for a lot of accessories they provide me with, one of them is this chair. Quite detailed and served its purpose well.

Figma KuronekoKuroneko: As you can see i am rather comfortable sitting on this chair. As the lower part given with me are quite an exact match for the chair. I do have to point one thing that you will have a bit of trouble switching the lower parts of my body, apparently they require my legs to be taken off from my original body.

Figma KuronekoKuroneko: I am really pleased with this extra pair of hands, the detail of it is quite amazing actually to my surprise. I don’t see any excess painting or “overpaints” as most of you might call it. It gives me a relaxing posture and i do enjoy a good relaxation.

Figma KuronekoKuroneko: Also the handbag, which are nicely done too, are perfect for me, the strap are made of soft pvc and flexible to an extent. Enough for me to use it without hassle. But more importantly are these. *brings out a blank slate* As you can see these can be useful if you have imagination. They can be used for your own custom design as a book or dvd or something else, but i understand if your mortal minds are rather lazy and choose the designs given with the sticker set provided within.

Yamadipati: Not being rude, but you seem to be missing one more thing…

Kuroneko: Ah… yes, that.

Figma KuronekoKuroneko: I suppose it’s inevitable with these nekomimi. Although i doubt Yama’s choice of pose… As i feel like i just fed one of his rather not known quirks.

Yamadipati: Hey now, that’s just plain mea-

Kuroneko: Moving on with the review…

Figma KuronekoKuroneko: You should do your job now, as i have taken quite the burden off you.

Yamadipati: So the verdict would be that she’s a 50-50 kind of figure, as she has weak points and good points. The good being the extensive accessories given with her, the detail and the posability. But there are bad points such as the choice of hard pvc for her hair and lower dress, it hinders her movements a lot. But that also in turn makes her easy to balance and not use the stand.

Yamadipati: So either you’re an Oreimo fan, Kuroneko fan, simply just a goth loli lover, or a figma fan. She is a nice addition to collect. Despite her issues she does have very good points as stated above. Although i personally find her amusing for her nekomimi just like Azusa, and she has hime cuts (google it up if you don’t know) her bad side does kill some parts of me somewhere… Though it might be interesting if she is more.. healthy…

Figma KuronekoKuroneko: EXCUSE ME???

Yamadipati: It’s like max factory’s been loving all the pettans only lately. They lack lines of really healthy girls like back on the days of Fate and Rider. That said she would be perfect if they just made her a little, just a litt-

Figma KuronekoKuroneko: *slap*

Yamadipati: OUCH~


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