Review: Figma Black Gold Saw

It’s been a while since i have her but i haven’t done a review of her yet. No wonder she’s rather quiet… I feel bad ._. So to make her feel better i decided to do a review of her, figma black gold saw from the black rock shooter line. Here we go, and sorry for the late review >_<;;

Figma Black Gold Saw Box

Figma Black Gold Saw Box

Looking at her box, she uses the same design as all the BRS line, checkered with gradients. As you can see it clearly shows just what she has to offer and truth be told girls carrying big swords always gets me XD. But let’s not continue on what i like or not and move on with her instead ^ 3^)

Figma Black Gold Saw inside the box

Inside the box, surprisingly you’ll see that you’ll only get:

  • Black Gold Saw herself
  • 1 King Saw
  • 3 Pair of extra hands
  • 1 Set of figma stand
  • 2 Extra faceplates
  • 1 Plastic for parts… which i can complain about its usefullness yet again…

Figma Black Gold SawYamadipati: I’m sorry >_<);;

BGS: It’s alright, at least you remembered. Can i…?

Yamadipati: Of course ^ -^)

Figma Black Gold SawBGS: Good day, to all of you viewers. As you can see today is my turn to have a review. A little bit late but it’s alright, he remembers. So as you can see the design on me is true to my image drawn by Huke. The pointy boots, the jacket even the horns which goes from solid color to transparent at the tip. They also gave quite the lively expression for me. Which i know Yama-san is fond of as it creates numerous possibilities for poses and setups. The detail itself is the same and crisp, some parts of me seems “worn out” but that’s not due to bad painting but that’s my design. I’m just simply that way in the same image when drawn.

Figma Black Gold SawBGS: From the back you can also see that my hair are jointed, which gives me room for poses and a wide range of movements. In fact, all parts of my hair are soft pvc. A nice choice as it makes me really posable, although i do have to admit it gets kind of hard to balance myself. Probably due to my rather oddly shaped heels.

Figma Black Gold Saw King SawBGS: It’s too bad that i only come with one accessory, that is, the King Saw. But the detail on the sword are amazing, it looks weathered like it’s supposed to. Although posing with it without the help of the stand does get a little tricky for me. But as Yama-san said, once the balance point have been found it’s rather easy.

Figma Black Gold Saw King SawBGS: it can also be pointed out that most of my outfit are also made of soft pvc. This gives me a lot of posability and it does help the range of how much my hands and legs can move. Though do note, my knee guard IS pointy AND sharp. Careful, i sting, fufufu~.

Figma Black Gold Saw King SawBGS: So there you have it, i’m ready to fight and beat someone to a bloody mess with the help of the King Saw *grins*.

Yamadipati: uhm, ok … o _o);; But there you have it folks although she came with only one accessory, that is the King Saw, but she is nicely detailed and mostly made of soft pvc  for the essential parts like the hair and jacket. But due to her awkward boot shape she does have a little bit of trouble standing up without the stand. So my verdict that now it’s up to you, are you a figma fan? BRS lineup fan? Then she’s worth adding to your collection to complete the original version of BRS characters along with DM, BRS and STR. But if not, then it’s totally up to your preferences.

Figma Black Gold SawBGS: Thank you for remembering, Yama-san.

Yamadipati: > _<) No, it was my fault for almost forgetting. But you did great on the review ^ _^)

BGS: Thank you.


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