Review: Figma Strength

Today we’ll review my newly arrived figma, coming from the Black Rock Shooter series is Strength, the little girl with a really… really big … hand… She calls it Ogre Arms and that is self-explanatory. So let’s begin shall we?

Figma Strength Box Photo

Taking a look at her box, Max Factory uses the same design as all their Black Rock Shooter characters with a checkered design and a gradient from light to dark.

Inside the Figma Strength box

Well with Strength you get:

  • A pair of Ogre Arms
  • An alternate faceplate
  • A set of figma stand
  • A small folded manual
  • Three pair of extra hands
  • Two types of support for the Ogre Arms, 2 short and 2 long ones.
So Lets take a look at…

Figma Strength


Yamadipati: uhm…


Yamadipati: So err… will you help me finish this up or…

Strength: *nods*

Yamadipati: phew…

So anyway, now that she’s awake and agreed to help me finish the photoshoot and review let’s move on before she gets pissed off or something >_>;;

Figma Strength

From her back we can see that… what? Yes, she doesn’t speak a lot but let’s not get her pissed off, I’m a bit wary of silent girls…

Anyway from her back we can see that her knee joints, typical of figmas, are there but well hidden by the black color of her outfit, this does add some nice points on my book since i don’t mind protruding joints as long as it’s well hidden. We can also see her cute tiny bow on her back with her tail sticking out of her outfit… Whereas Dead Master and Black Gold Saw has horns, she has a cute tail. I hope she doesn’t find that insulting…

Figma Strength

From her front we can see that her detail is quite nice considering her small si-


Yamadipati: I meant that in a good way, honest…


I swear she creeps me out at times >_>;;

Anyway her detail is quite amazing for a figma her size, i was expecting overpaints, but i found only one spot. ONE. That’s quite the news for a figure her size, as you all know the smaller they get the harder it is to keep the paintjob well. Her hoodie is a flip top kind where you can open its top part to change her faceplate. But this doesn’t come easy as you will probably need to take her whole head off… That neck part is rather thick and tight.

Now let’s take a look at her Ogre Arms, or as i prefer to say it, the bitch slapper… No, seriously those arms are huge…

Figma Strength Ogre Arms

Figma Strength Ogre Arms

I love the fact that those arms are huge as sin, it adds to that lovely contradiction that i love. Someone so small carrying something so big that made you pray to your creator hoping she’s not swinging it at you. Also i love the beaten up look of it, makes it looks like she’s been busy beating stuff… or people… or creatures… or landscapes… well, you get the idea…

Though i do have ONE ISSUE

Figma Strength Ogre Arms Elbow

Those, my good viewers are -to me at least- potential troubles… Its elbow joints are scary to look at let alone twist around. Handle it with extra, EXTRA care. As I’ve heard some people actually snapping it off due to too much force given when turning them…

Figma Strength Ogre Arms


Yamadipati: … why thank you ^_^ this saves time on the review process


She’s quite thoughtful >_>

Anyway here we have her with one Ogre Arm, and as you can see it will be hard to pose her with one without tipping her off balance and made her fall face-first.

That’s why…

Figma Strength Ogre Arms Stand

This should help her raise her arm. Yep that’s the extra support given to keep her hand to a position of your wanting, add to that there are 2 pairs, one pair short and one pair long, it can help your posing a lot. BUT it does look ugly… Well beggars can’t be choosers i suppose.

But wait~

Figma Strength Ogre Arms without Stand

That’s right folks, with proper planning and balance management she can actually “float” her arms without using the stand. Hard, yes. Tricky, yes. Impossible, NO. This is a great plus point for me as at least it gave me a possibility of not using the support stands, unlike Black Rock Shooter where you don’t have any other choice BUT to use the cannon support stand.


So i’d say she’s ok, for people who doesn’t go the Black Rock Shooter line of figmas she may be skipped or not, depends on your preferences. Her minus side would be the trickiness of balancing her in Ogre Arms mode without tipping her off. Also, that she came with very few accessories, save the alternate faceplates and spare hands. The verdict on this figma would be totally up to you now. If you collect all Black Rock Shooter related figures, go for it. If you’re just skimming through the waters, make sure you really want her. If not, you can skip this.

Figma Strength


Yamadipati: Thank you, that was really helpful ^_^ Do you want me to show you where the others are?

Strength:*shakes head*

Yamadipati: Alright then, i suppose you can see them from there anyway, welcome to your new home. ^_^

Strength:*nods and walks off to the display area*


3 Replies to “Review: Figma Strength”

  1. one of my favorites figma, besides Black Rock Shooter, but I prefer not to have it, because the figma poison is very dangerous hehehe…
    btw nice collection that you have…


  2. I still haven’t open my box of Figma Strength and also Miku Append yet. It’s been like, for 3 weeks already.
    I’m planning on opening it next week. No time to be bothered about displaying it. A bit a time consuming to me.
    But i’m glad I got it. Since I got all the Figma for BRS (Not including the game version).


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