GSC September 2011 Release Schedule

This just in, the shipment info and releases from Good Smile Company for September 2011

Items that will ship in September 2011

September 03 (Sat) released

  • Append ver Hatsune Miku figma.

September 07 (Wed) GSC shipping

  • Kurisu Makise Nendoroid

September 12 (Mon) GSC shipping

  • Hanekawa wing
  • Strength-animation version-

September 13 (Tuesday) GSC shipping

  • Yagyu Jubei

September 15 (Thursday) GSC shipping

  • White Dragon Artwork sighted Series (Blue Eyes White Dragon)
  • Crimson Eyes Black Dragon Artwork Series (Red Eyes Black Dragon)
  • Shiina Mayuri Nendoroid

September 26 (Mon) GSC shipping

  • ① Series Sync Izumi Plush DOG DAYS
  • ② Miruhiore biscotti Plush Series F · DOG DAYS
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Trading – Rubber Strap Nendoroid Plus is SCENE02 – The MOVIE 1st

September 27 (Tuesday) GSC shipping

  • Pixtone Black ★ Rock Shooter
  • Dead Master Pixtone
  • Twin Pack + Panty & Stocking with Chuck
  • Sukyanti & Socks Twin Pack + with zipper
  • Stuffed fish paste

September 28 (Wed) GSC shipping

  • Prince Nendoroid
  • Nendoroid Minami Kawashima
  • Sexy Bridget Sateraiza = El = Ver.

September 29 (Thursday) GSC shipping

  • Henrietta [resale]
  • Nakano Azusa
  • Erushii

September 29 (Thursday) Released

  • Kanbaru Suruga figma

September 30 (Friday) Released

  • Madoka figma
  • Takane Manaka figma
  • Lynette Bishop figma

Hmm… good news, no delays this month so far on the list. O(≧∇≦)O


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