GSC September 2011 Release Schedule

Good Smile Company - September 2011 Release Dates

This just in, the shipment info and releases from Good Smile Company for September 2011

Items that will ship in September 2011

September 03 (Sat) released

  • Append ver Hatsune Miku figma.

September 07 (Wed) GSC shipping

  • Kurisu Makise Nendoroid

September 12 (Mon) GSC shipping

  • Hanekawa wing
  • Strength-animation version-

September 13 (Tuesday) GSC shipping

  • Yagyu Jubei

September 15 (Thursday) GSC shipping

  • White Dragon Artwork sighted Series (Blue Eyes White Dragon)
  • Crimson Eyes Black Dragon Artwork Series (Red Eyes Black Dragon)
  • Shiina Mayuri Nendoroid

September 26 (Mon) GSC shipping

  • ① Series Sync Izumi Plush DOG DAYS
  • ② Miruhiore biscotti Plush Series F · DOG DAYS
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Trading – Rubber Strap Nendoroid Plus is SCENE02 – The MOVIE 1st

September 27 (Tuesday) GSC shipping

  • Pixtone Black ★ Rock Shooter
  • Dead Master Pixtone
  • Twin Pack + Panty & Stocking with Chuck
  • Sukyanti & Socks Twin Pack + with zipper
  • Stuffed fish paste

September 28 (Wed) GSC shipping

  • Prince Nendoroid
  • Nendoroid Minami Kawashima
  • Sexy Bridget Sateraiza = El = Ver.

September 29 (Thursday) GSC shipping

  • Henrietta [resale]
  • Nakano Azusa
  • Erushii

September 29 (Thursday) Released

  • Kanbaru Suruga figma

September 30 (Friday) Released

  • Madoka figma
  • Takane Manaka figma
  • Lynette Bishop figma

Hmm… good news, no delays this month so far on the list. O(≧∇≦)O


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