Preorder: New Jehuty and Anubis

This just came in, today we have a double dose of Zone of The Enders. That’s right folks, ZOE2 version Jehuty and Anubis is open for preorder. Look’s like kaiyodo is aiming for Vic Viper too but rumors say it won’t be till another month or two.

It looks like kaiyodo isn’t done with just Jehuty’s original version but also includes the ZOE2 version of Jehuty AND Anubis almost at the same time.

Definitely looking forward to this since i skipped the original Jehuty in fear of not having anything to accompany it… @_@

But a definite preorder for me.

They’re made with ABS and PVC, stand about 14cm tall (figures only) and comes with quite the accessories. Including the circle GUI and weapons.

They’re both sold seperately at Y3,480 for Anubis and Y2,980 for the new Jehuty and are available through Hobby Search where i usually get my stuff from.

Preorder starts at 15 September 2011 and it will be released on December. So empty your preorders for December ZOE fans, because this is something you don’t wanna miss.


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