Review: Revoltech Queen’s Blade Menace

Well, here we are again with another review along the Queen’s Blade line from revoltech. Today we’ll take a look at Menace, that egyptian princess that everyone loves (for either the egyption look, her outfit or something else. Nope not gonna go there.) So let’s begin shall we?

Revoltech Menace box shot

Looking at Menace, even before we open the box we would have thoughts along the lines of “She barely wears anything, how are they going to hide those joints”, but we’ll get there soon. Starting off with the box you get the usual QB styled revoltech box, nothing new. So let’s move on

Inside the box of Revoltech Menace

So with her you get th- huh? Wait… Where’s the stand?

Weird placement for the stand

Awwww come on, you gotta be kidding me right? Wrapped in plastic and taped to the backside? JEEZ, there’s A LOT of spaces on the front side why not put it there. Sheesh, seriously Kaiyodo sometimes amazes me…

Anyway with Menace you get:

  • The crown being seperated from her head
  • Her staff, Setra 3 alternate faceplates
  • 3 spare hands (2 right and 1 left)
  • Battle damaged top
  • Revoltech parts box
  • Revoltech coin
  • Revoltech stand set

Well… i’ll excuse the weird packaging choices for the stand once i wake her up.

Where's my crown...

Menace: Where’s my crown…
Yamadipati: *type type*
Where's my crown
Yamadipat: Huh? what? Oh You’re awake, hold on. Here you go.
Thank you!

Anyway she seems happy with her crown which brings us to a point, that her joints are… plain visible… and if you want to take shots or pose her you really have to work your angles. Because those joints can be a sore to the eyes. She also feels very light and flimsy, but this is where it’s rather amazing, she is well proportioned, no not in THAT department, but on weight distribution, some of her parts can feel very light and others have more mass some has varying weights on different areas of the same part. This can be very advantageous for her balance.

Like this?

Menace: Why are we doing this?
Yamadipati: To show the readers your mass makes you able to stay in balance
Menace: Oh, alright th- WAIT? WHAT MASS?
Yamadipati: … *type type type*

Yep, that’s no hoax folks, she can stand on one feet as long as you adjust her body position to balance her evenly. I even knocked the table once to three times and all she does was turn a bit to the left or right… This isn’t just sculpting finesse, it’s almost rocket science.


Menace: …
Yamadipati: … what?
Menace: Are we going to take more shots like this?
Yamadipati: No, just once, and nice ass by the way
Menace: W-WHAT???

And comes my biggest gripe, i don’t know if its quality control issues or she was made that way, but damnit there’s this huge gap between her upper torso and her abdomen. Add to that there is ANOTHER one between her abdomen and her butt, meaning if you’re going to take shots of her (rather fine) hineys you have to really work it out so the gap isn’t visible.

Shoulder joints? Let’s face it, action figures without shoulder pads or covers or whatever always has that “nasty-joint-poking-out” look… That’s why i really can’t say anything, since i’m sure most of you have the same issues.

Though do note, because of her barely wearing nothing, it means there is little to nothing blocking the area of rotation of those joints. Meaning she can pose in many, and i mean many ways.


Menace: You’re enjoying this aren’t you?
Yamadipati: Honestly? Not so much, because i have things to write and edit.
Menace: …
Yamadipati: Meant that in a good way, and after this you can hangout with Ymir, right there.
Menace: Really? You have Ymir?
Yamadipati: Yep, anyway…

So there you can see she can practically sit on the ground with a little work on her joints, although her parts seems flimsy, her joint isn’t which should give you some form of security and peace of mind.

My verdict?

Although she has issues with the gap on her back and her unsightly joint, she is amazingly balanced. Her pose ability is not something to be ignored too, i suppose wearing skimpy outfits does help a lot in this case. As a revoltech QB line, she is definitely worth getting. Her alternate faceplates are fun too, the expression are varied and can make for nice shots provided ample lighting is given. (I always used 3 light sources since reviewing Ymir, one from the top and two on each side shooting from the front)

See you later
Menace: Alright then, you’ll show me the way right?
Yamadipati: … Ymir is right across the table…
Menace: OH! ahahaha~ bye bye then.
Yamadipati: Just watch for my iphone its still char-
*crash sound*
Menace: Oops, sorry~
Yamadipati: …

3 Replies to “Review: Revoltech Queen’s Blade Menace”

  1. Thanks for the nice review. Great pics & words.
    Got my Menace these days but unboxed. I´m totally with you that this figure is well balanced and poseable for beeing that old, small and focused more on nudity than action features.
    My crown doesn´t fit/ won´t fix in the small holes. What to do? Glue it?


    1. Whoaaa thanks for reading this old article, though i’ve changed my branding into ToyAMP! on facebook.

      About the crown, i have similar issues, my solution was a small (really small) patch of gluetacks should be small enough its invisible and easy to pick off when you want the crowns off.


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