Review: Revoltech Queen’s Blade Ymir

So with the arrival of my Revoltech Queen’s Blade Ymir, starts a new wave of queen’s blade love. Although this is not really a new figure i think a review is still in place, do note however i do not post any images of the battle damaged outfit. Simply because i’ll save it later for the photography section or the 2-4koma sections. Prevents redundancy. XD

Revoltech Ymir box shot
Box shot

So yeah i finally have proper lighting now, and the flash of my camera sorta ruins it by being a bitch in auto (my fault for not turning it off >_<), but here we are looking at the box of the newly arrived (at least on my desk) revoltech Ymir. Using the trademark “Q” window of revoltech’s qb series.

Inside the box of revoltech ymir
Inside the box

So with Ymir herself, we get:

  • Her axe
  • 1 extra left hand
  • 3 alternate faceplates
  • 1 set of battle damage outfit (frills, outfit and panties)
  • 1 revoltech parts box
  • 1 revoltech coin
  • 1 revoltech stand set

Basically more faceplates is a win for me, because you can put a lot of different expressions in poses and getting more out of your figure. 

Her axe despite its size is very light and doesn’t put much burden on ymir’s joints. Meaning prolonged joint sturdiness and saves you the trouble of buying a spare set of revoltech joints. It also has a very small peg in which the axe can “nest” on the gauntlet, providing more security on the grip as to not have it move or sway uncontrollably, handle this one with care.

revoltech ymir gauntlet

Anyway, seems like somebody is awake, but while she does, look at her gauntlets. Yep, her fingers have revo joints too. Meaning all 5 fingers are articulated and can move freely to accomodate her holding her axe or… something. You guys are a creative bunch, you’ll think of something XD. The detail on the gauntlets themselves are good, typical revoltech but still good.

revoltech ymir waking up
Where am i?
Morning, sunshine. She’s still a bit disoriented from freshly opened out of the box. But she’ll come around in a moment. Note that the paintjob on her feels coarse and at times can be unsmooth, but hands down the detail is still there. I get almost zero overpaints allover her as we speak, it’s a good thing considering the inconsistencies of revoltech products at times. Blame the Quality Control guys, they’re the biggest culprit if your revo has overpaints or worse.
revoltech ymir is awake
Ymir: Hey, are you the one who wakes me up?
Yamadipati: … no, you were awake the moment i opened you from the box…
Ymir: So i take it this is my new home? It’s messy, what the heck is this?
Yamadipati: … my computer desk, now if you don’t mind i want to continue my review…

So anyway… seeing her straight up like this is a good thing, despite what coarseness or unsightly paintjob you might see with your eyes, they are, in fact, very camera friendly. Makes good shots with proper lighting. Anyway as you can see unlike previous revoltechs this time most of her joints are well hidden, removing her from many unsightly joints poking your eyes like a sore thumb.

Due note however i have one complaint, scale… as she is supposed to be a dwarf
Ymir: I AM a dwarf
Yamadipati: Yes, princess. I know… anyway…

She’s suppose to be a dwarf but why is her size is as big as the other QB figures… she’s supposed to be shorter… i suppose as long as i don’t display them side by side i’ll have no issues but as is, i dislike revoltech for being inconsistent with scale between the qb line.

revoltech ymir holding her axe this?
Ymir: … like this?
Yamadipati: …perfect, now stand still for a moment, please.
Ymir: alright, but make sure you have a good shot
Yamadipati: yeeesh, alright, alright…

As you can see she can pose into a lot of different poses holding her axe, but if you think she hasn’t got good balance. Wait till you see…

revoltech ymir showing her balance what?
Ymir: …now what?
Yamadipati: stay still this won’t take long, promise.
Ymir: alright..

As you can see the weight of her axe plays a role in her balance as she can lift it without troubling her balance to stand upright without her stand as long as you position her foot properly on the ground.

revoltech ymir showing her back
...err ...
Ymir: …err… why do you want to see my back?
Yamadipat: not just me, ok? just want to show the details of your outfit.
Ymir: …
Yamadipati: What’s that look for? I’m serious.
Anyway, as you can see the details of her outfit aren’t just box specifications, the details of her bow on her back, her frills, her skirt, her whole outfit is admirable and i still can’t find any trace of overpaint. And I’m happy for it O(≧∇≦)O

So there you have it, my review of Ymir and…

Ymir: Are we done?
Yamadipati: Almost
 …and my verdict would be, that she is a great addition to the queen’s blade series from revoltech, despite her scale issues. But her plus points does make the scale issue permissible of sorts, unless of course you decided to put her side by side with the other revoltech QB line… My suggestion is don’t at least not so close, or you will see the biggest dwarf you’ve ever seen…
revoltech ymir raising her hand
Ymir: are we done yet?
Yamadipati: yes, princess, we’re done… sheesh
Ymir: yaaaaaay~~

9 Replies to “Review: Revoltech Queen’s Blade Ymir”

    1. Yes, i already put a policy on myself not to make reviews of M mode, but instead putting it on the photography section later on either in candids, dioramas or 2-4komas. Even then i try to make it as SFW as possible

      I know keeping a SFW review on such item line is rather pointless, but i try to make my articles readable in all conditions, without the need of suddenly scrolling or changing tabs to hide it. ^^;;


        1. Not yet, but i ordered it, they say it will come by the end of the month T_T

          The pain of having to order something from abroad because they don’t have them here anymore >__> you read my mind lol. 4komas ain’t 4komas without DAT WOODY FACE XD


  1. Yay!
    IMO, she’s more suitable to be displayed together with (at least) some 7″ or 8″ figures
    I put her beside a N*CA action figure to compensate her scaling issue

    Waiting for a SFW Aldra and Melona review xD


    1. Thanks, i’ll try to make future reviews more detailed and with more shots… Although i have issues with melona… there’s a factory defect batch… I GOT NO BATTLE DAMAGED OUTFIT…

      So i have to wait next month for the replacement to come @_@;;


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