Review: Figma Dead Master

This will be my first review, and our victim today is Dead Master. Courtessy of Max Factory and Figma.

Figma Dead Master Box
Box Shot

Opening her straight out of the box wasn’t really a hassle. She is packed using figma’s common boxing without silver linings and such unlike her best friend Black*Rock Shooter.

Inside the box of Figma Dead Master
Inside the box
Included with her are:
  • Dead Master herself
  • 2 Floating skulls
  • Dead Master’s Scythe
  • 5 pair of hands, standard figma hand holder
  • 1 Set of Figma stand for Dead Master
  • 2 Sets of stands for the skulls

Dead Master Figma joints
Knee Joints

Dead master herself is well articulated and detailed, downright to her soft pvc hair, which allows her hands to move around without being restricted. Her joints are standard figma joints all are well blended into her overall posture, since she wore black, which is the best camouflage for her joints rather than the usual skin-toned parts of other figmas.

Dead Master Figma joints
Elbow Joints

And from there we can see how the color choice of blacks tend to “hide” the joints really well. One issue here is her skirt, as it’s not a soft pvc so it can hinder her posability a bit in some way.

Figma Dead Master attitude
The attitude

She also comes with an alternate faceplate and let me tell you this, Dead Master has some serious attitude to her. What’s hotter than a girl carrying a scythe? Is a girl that carries a scythe sticking out her tounge at her opponent’s death. But that’s just me… to each his/her own o.o;;

Dead Master scythe
The scythe

Moving on then to her scythe. Her scythe, although very long and rather wide is not heavy at all, in fact she can carry her scythe and lift it (in certain positions) without her given figma stand, unlike Black*Rock Shooter in which there is a figma stand to support its weight on its own. Another thing to note is the paint, it looks unbelievably real and metallic on the blade. One word of note, the point is sharp, it is not friendly to kids or yourself if you’re not careful.

Figma Dead Master skulls
The skulls

Lets move to the skulls. BY THE POWER OF GREYSKU-huh? what? wrong series? Oh ok anyway, the skulls are the accessories that come with Dead Master. See that glowing eye? Yep, you guessed it, the insides uses fluorescent paint. And the jaws can move too, allowing you to open it or shut it and has their own stands to add more action to Dead Master’s poses.


So basically if you’re looking into the Figma line of Black*Rock Shooter series characters or just love figmas, Dead Master is another one you should get. With minimum posability issues probably caused by the stiffness of her skirt, she can be positioned in a lot of ways as her shoulders uses that up and down figma trademark allowing her hand almost a clear 180 degree rotation due to having nothing blocking her shoulders.


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