Review: Figma Black Rock Shooter

Hi-ho Kermit th-what? The show’s over? Oh alright then… So today i will be reviewing an oldie but a goodie, Figma: Black Rock Shooter, the original version of course. The new 2035 version isn’t out yet, so here we are, going to take a look at what Black Rock Shooter has to offer us.

Figma Black Rock Shooter box
Box shot

Do note that this review isn’t done out of the box, as apparent that she has no trademark wrappings inside like common Figmas (my fault, can’t help to open her first before taking a shot, D’OH!). But rest assured she is neatly wrapped inside just like any other Figmas.

Inside the box of Figma Black Rock Shooter
Inside the box

With the box, you get:

  • Black Rock Shooter herself
  • 1 Alternate front hair piece
  • 2 Alternate face plates
  • 1 Black katana
  • 1 Rock Cannon
  • 2 Sets of Figma stands for her and her cannon (we’ll get to why later)
  • 1 Set of chains (… we’ll get there! I Promise!)
  • 6 pair of hands
  • 1 DVD of her 50 minute OVA
Inside the box of f... wait i already said that
Box with dvd

So, moving on to the sho-what? Yes that dvd is intentionally there because i feel like hiding her Rock Cannon. Ok anyway moving on with the show, Black Rock Shooter’s figure herself has all figma joints in normal location like the up-down shoulders elbows, knees, upper torso, hips, and ankles. But what is a nice touch to her are… these…

Coat joints
Coat joints

Yep that’s a figma joint right there, so not only can you pose her without worrying that her coat will get in the way (not like it could anyway, her coat is made of soft PVC) You can also position the lower half of her coat to a certain degree. Giving you that “blown by the wind” type atmosphere. It makes good pose effects, i’ll give you that.

Bad angle i know...
Bad angle i know...

The second joints comes just like Figma Miku series, which are Ponytail joints!!! So they gave you 2 movable sections to give another dramatic effect to the whole action figure. Loving it there so far.

The weapons
The weapons

Yes, hold the “ZOMG THAT’S AS BIG AS SHE IS” comments, because it IS as big as she is… That’s why they gave out two figma stands, one for the cannon and one for Black Rock Shooter herself… Moving on to her faceplates then, here we go

The Faceplates
The faceplates

 So you see here we have the “calm and meditating” face along with that “bring it on!” face aside from her usual expression. Nice addition though I’ll admit having more than 1 option of switching expression is always a plus for me. And as usual per any figma product, the paint and details are simply crisp and nothing short of amazing. What’s that on the lower part of the package? It’s your *drumroll*

Pack of accessories
Pack of accessories

As you can see this is a pack of accessories, from the left there is a Figma stand set, a pack of hands, and another figma stand set, and some chains and canon holder. Given this much of an accessory I’d say posability is only limited by how much the joint can turn and your imagination. Due note that there are 2 figma stand sets and it’s for a reason, when she is pointing that cannon there is NO WAY her own joints can support that weight. Hence, the extra stand, thank you Figma!

So anyway lets see her posing with the can-

Wha- where are you going?
Wha- where are you going?
Yamadipati : HEY! Wait a second! You haven’t pose for the damn cannon!
BRS : Nope, i wanna see Dead Master first, you have her too right? Ciao~!
Yamadipati : Yeah but-… … … onore~~

Sorry about that folks so lets just get down to the verdict… apparently she’s more occupied in finding Dead Master on my table…

The Verdict:

Given the amount of accessories, its uniqueness courtessy of Huke’s character design, Black Rock Shooter is a must for either Figma fans or fans of the B*RS line. One lousy point though is the weight of her cannon, this restricts some of the poses that can be utilized with her while pointing it because you would need to really pin it down with the extra Figma stand given, sometimes it’s hard to have her say… putting the cannon on her shoulder or pointing it upwards. All in all, i recommend this Figma to those familiar with the B*RS niche or none at all simply because, yes, she’s that much worth it.


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