Figma Saber… Bride…?

Fate isn’t done yet. With the new and upcoming Fate/Extra game named Fate/Extra CCC, comes a new figma Saber from max Factory

Saber Bride?

Is this true?

Max Factory announced that with the new game, they will ship it along with a limited figma coded: Saber Bride.

Ladies, there’s a new Saber in town…

Similar to the previous Figma Saber Extra Ver., the new Figma Saber Bride will be bundled together with the Limited Edition Type-Moon Virgin White Box pack of the game. The pack will be up for approximately 10,000¥ retail price and is scheduled for Spring 2012 release.

No Prototype samples yet, but the design will be based on this image.

Saber Bride Prototype base
I will keep this post updated on new leaks and info from GSC on this new Saber.
Update: New images of Saber Bride’s art, not the figure itself
fate extra ccc



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