Black Rock Shooter TV Animation Series

Personally i have no idea how an OAV can be stretched long enough to be a TV series without certain sacrifices in either storyline or character design. But since it’s announced already for 2012, let’s take a look at how it might turn out. Personally I’m hoping it might be good, not superb or awesome, just good would be enough.

Black Rock Shooter TV Animation Series

Basically there are skepticism among fans that certain elements would be gone, and some even say they might throw something in that actually works.

From the OAV we know how the story unfolds between the relations of these characters, from Mato to Yomi, from BRS to DM. Will the story expand this arc? Or will they throw in a new one?

Though i gotta admit, dibs on Dead Master with glasses, she looks cute XD

As more info will be revealed i will also update this post. Stay tuned on the same bat-time, same bat-channel.


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