Transform and Roll Out!

You’re looking for a transformer action figure… but you don’t need the transformations, all you want is one that can strike a lot of really, REALLY cool poses, has a lot of weapons and accessories, and has joints that can turn in a variety of ways…

Kaiyodo – Revoltech DELIVERS YOU:

Dark of The Moon ver. Optimus Prime!

Kaiyodo revoltech is out to please not just the eastern-based niche of action figure lovers, but also to the west. Presenting you with Optimus Prime taken from the Dark of The Moon version of the movie.

It doesn’t transform, it doesn’t make sounds when you push a button. But let me tell you this, it can pose in variety of ways (and i mean a LOT of ways) that no western released Transformer toy ever could. No bs here… see for yourself!

Release dates? September 15, 2011. Pre-order has opened for a while and hasn’t been closed yet.


Better pre-order yours soon through your favorite hobby store or through the links here, i bet this is going to sell out really fast.

Pre Order – 15 September 2011 Release – Transformers Optimus Prime SFX
Movie “Transformers / The Dark Side Moon”
Sculptor Name: Yuki Ohshima
Scale: Length: 140mm approx.
Forming / Material: ABS / PVC
Kit Type: Action Figures
Price: ¥ 3,800 (tax included)

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