Cheerful Japan! Project

You gotta admit many never knew what Cheerful Japan! Project is. All they know is “oh it’s another re-issue of an action figure added with a “cheerful japan” flag and some more.”. So, today I’m going to share with you what Cheerful Japan! Project is, what’s it for and why the hell did they re-issue some old action figure for it.

Cheerful Japan! Project

What is it?

Cheerful Japan is basically a joint project between action figure manufacturer and sculptors to re issue or create a whole new line of action figures in response to the latest tsunami disaster that strike northern Japan.

How does it work?

All sales from re-issued or products released under the Cheerful Japan! Project goes to the disaster relief for up to ¥1000 PER ITEM

Does that mean the figure’s price is increased?

Guess what? Prices are increased but only about a lunch’s worth. I kid you not… some even sold at the same price as its predecessors.

Why would i want to?

If you’re like me and have Japanese influence splattered all over your lifetime, such as animes, mangas and (the one i love most) action figures. It’s time we show some gratitude and compassion, eh? You can sate your hobby while helping people in the proccess.

Does this actually work?

It works. Up to August 8, 2011. The Project ALONE have collected approximately ¥100,202,000

Where can i sign up?

You don’t need to, all you need to do is buy / pre-order anything along the Cheerful Japan! Project line. Direct or through stores and resellers.

Are you buying those products?

Hell yeah


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